This package implements the stochastic (also called on-line) Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithms for numeric and relational data.

It is based on a grid (see initGrid), which is part of the parameters given to the algorithm (see initSOM and trainSOM). Many graphs can help you with the results (see plot.somRes).

The version of the SOM algorithm implemented in this package is the stochastic version.

Several variants able to handle non-vectorial data are also implemented in their stochastic versions: type = "korresp" for contingency tables, as described in Cottrell et al. (2004) (with the observation weights defined in Cottrell and Letrémy, 2005a) and type = "relational" for dissimilarity data, as described in Olteanu and Villa-Vialaneix (2015a) with the fast implementation of Mariette et al. (2017). A special focus has been put on representing graphs, as described in Olteanu and Villa-Vialaneix (2015b).

In addition, the numeric version of the algorithm handles missing values: missing entries are not used during training but the resulting map can be used to fill missing entries (using the entry of the corresponding prototype). The method is taken from Cottrell and Letrémy (2005b).


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Nathalie Vialaneix
Élise Maigné
Jérome Mariette
Madalina Olteanu
Fabrice Rossi
Laura Bendhaïba
Julien Boelaert

Maintainer: Nathalie Vialaneix